The Jacobs Scholarship is a full-ride scholarship designed to help students set their futures in motion. Priority enrollment, amazing resources and a connection to the larger engineering community set Jacobs Scholars apart.


  • Research opportunities as early as the first quarter
  • Connection to an extensive alumni network
  • Mentorship from senior JSSS members
  • A community of innovative, driven and creative minds

Recipients of the Jacobs School Scholarship are selected for their academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, commitment to community, and innovative potential. Jacobs Scholars represent the top of the engineering applicants. There are about 10 recipients each year.

Jacobs School Scholars are always involved in projects, research, student organizations and community events. We are abitious, excited and always looking for a challenge. Extending beyond academics, the Jacobs School Scholar Society forms the heart of the engineering department at UC San Diego.


As members of this scholars society, we have unique opportunities to participate in annual cultural, professional, and social events.

During Fall quarter, we host our annual Lunch with Professors event. Our own scholars invite professors they are interested in getting to know better. This event provides a great opportunity for our scholars to meet and have meaningful conversations with professors with whom they will be interacting in class and in lab.

At the beginning of each year, we host a Meet-the-Scholars social for the incoming freshman class. The activities vary from year to year, but our Big-Little Family pairings are traditionally revealed at this event. We often coordinate food outings and other activities together. Our small community allows us to really get to know each other!

Each year, Mrs. Joan Jacobs hosts a cultural event to meet the Jacobs Scholars and Fellows, and to share her love of the arts with us. This event gives us a great opportunity to immerse ourselves in the arts and to personally say thank you to Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs.

Recent Events

  • 2017: Concert by Ariel String Quartet
  • 2016: Jazz at the Jacobs: Performance by Gregory Porter
  • 2015: Arms and the Man
  • 2014: Jacobs' Masterworks at the San Diego Symphony
Kevin Spiekermann President
President Kevin Spiekermann

Hi everyone! I’m Kevin Spiekermann, a senior Chemical Engineering student. Being a recipient of the Jacob School Scholarship has provided rewarding academic, research, and networking opportunities. I’m grateful to have received this scholarship, and as president, I will continue to cultivate a strong JSS community. On campus, I’m also involved with Tau Beta Pi, AIChE, ChemE Car, and academic research.

Beverly Yu Vice President
Vice President Beverly Yu

Hello! I’m a fourth year Bioengineering (Biotechnology) and Economics major, pursuing a career in medicine. The Jacobs School Scholarship has given me access to numerous resources, of which my favorite has been the people. I’m incredibly excited to serve as this year’s Vice President and help continue enhancing all that is offered to the JSS community by the scholarship, UCSD, and beyond. On campus, I am also a clinical research assistant, study abroad peer ambassador, and mentor at the Writing Hub.

Namit Mishra Treasurer
Treasurer Namit Mishra

Hi, I'm Namit Mishra, a junior Electrical Engineering student. During my time on campus, I've enjoyed the sense of community within the JSS organization, from networking with members of the engineering school to simply spending time with some of my peers. On campus, I build Arduino-based projects with Engineering World Health, and in my free time, I like spending time outdoors in the San Diego region with friends.

Vrun Govil Professional Development
Professional Development Varun Govil

Hi everyone, I’m Varun Govil, a second year Bioengineering and Management Science student. The Jacobs Scholarship has opened so many doors for me just in the past year alone; I have been very fortunate to lead a team of five undergraduates from UCSD in a synthetic biology competition in Boston. As your VP of Professional Development, I look forward to helping build a platform to cultivate a strong, far-reaching network across UCSD to help you achieve personal and academic goals. I’m also involved with on-campus research and I love playing ping pong in my free time.

Thomas Gui Social Chair
Social Chair Thomas Gui

I'm Thomas and I'm 4th year majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Political Science and Mathematics. I've interned at Qualcomm and Google over my summers and I enjoy food, music, and photography.

David Sharp Webmaster
Webmaster David Sharp

Salutations! I’m David Sharp, a first year Aerospace Engineering major. I am honored to be a recipient of the Jacobs School Scholarship, and I’m excited to get to work with the program. I’ve been working with the JSS community to help design and build the page you are looking at. Around campus, I am a part of Club Tennis and am doing research in a bioinspired soft robotics lab.

Thank You!
The Jacobs School Scholars Society would like to thank Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs for their enormous generosity. With their scholarship, it is easier to focus on our education. We strive to one day be successful like you!